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2013 Regionals Announced

The NCAA announced the regional sites for the 2013 NCAA tournament today. Regionals were given to Providence(East), Manchester(Northeast), Toledo(Midwest), and Grand Rapids(West).

It's very interesting to see the pendulum swing back a little bit with basically two Midwestern regionals after years of basically two West regionals. I've long advocated Toledo as a potentially very good regional site. Though part of the reason it was such an attractive venue is that there was a major university with a large fanbase likely to make the tournament just 45 minutes away. The only problem is that school just happens to be one of the three schools that can't play in Toledo because they're already hosting a different regional.

Overall, it looks like what we normally get from the regionals. The problems of the regional system have been well-documented here, but they are apparently a profitable enterprise, which means the system is unlikely to change.