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CCHA Suspends Roque for One Game

The CCHA announced this morning that Lake Superior State head coach Jim Roque would be suspended for his team's next game stemming from an incident at the end of last Saturday's game between Lake Superior and Michigan State. Roque initially earned a 5-minute major and game misconduct at the end of overtime in the game.

Roque was apparently upset that his team was called for a five-minute major penalty for hitting from behind late in regulation, and then was forced to kill off another minor penalty in overtime, and got into it with members of the officiating crew. From the article:

Following the game in interviews with reporters, Roque said linesman Mike Poliski threatened him when they were on the ice.
"I had to call the police and file a complaint against him," Roque said. "All I wanted to do is ask how they were giving me seven minutes of penalties in the last ten minutes ... they (officials) wouldn't talk to me. They wouldn't even come over for the shootout.
"I think that's uncalled for," Roque said. "I got fined $1,000 five years ago for saying something bad about the refs in the paper. The guy can threaten my life and nothing happens to him? I just think that's wrong."

The CCHA league office apparently sided with their officials though, choosing to up Roque's punishment to a game. It's kind of surprising to see this announced on the day of a game, after having an entire week to review the incident. Apparently the CCHA is taking a page out of the WCHA's book, which isn't exactly the best model to follow.