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Michigan Dismisses Two Players

It has been a tough couple of weeks in college hockey for completely-without-discipline senior defensemen and the troubled, underachieving forwards that love them. First it was Chris Hepp and Tony Mosey at St. Cloud, and now, Michigan has kicked senior defenseman Tristin Llewellyn and freshman forward Jacob Fallon off their team for "violating team expectations".

Llewellyn is a senior, which means this ends his career at Michigan. It's a sad final chapter in what has to be considered a pretty disappointing collegiate career for one of the first players to commit to a college at the age of 15.

Fallon has the opportunity to rejoin Michigan's team next season, according to the article, provided he stays in school at Michigan. This isn't his run-in with team rules, however. He also missed the first half of last season at the NTDP due to a suspension, and then ultimately left the program after a second incident in January.