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Here's about the least amount of information possible on Chris Hepp, Tony Mosey, and David Eddy's adventures in Florida.

Some website that is basically only known for posting made-up and false hockey rumors came out with some sort of story about one of Yale's players being ineligible because an anonymous letter said maybe he might have been. Shockingly, despite that impeccable source, it's not true.

One of the best stories in college hockey this year has been the resurgence of Western Michigan under new head coach Jeff Blashill. The Broncos are currently on pace for an at-large bid in the NCAAs.

Wisconsin cut ties with recruit Troy Hesketh, who has really struggled since being a surprise third round pick of the Edmonton Oilers in 2009. The Badgers replaced him with Benilde defenseman Patrick Daly.

The only '95-born player to make a commitment to a WCHA school so far happens to be a kid from North Carolina named Charlie Pelnik. Patrick O'Sullivan is technically listed as being from Winston-Salem, and Kai Kantola spent some time in NC after stints in more hockey-rich areas, but Pelnik is the first born and bred in North Carolina to draw national attention--though not necessarily the last from that team.

Some names I overlooked in my assessment of the 2012 World Junior team that I've seen brought up include Tyler Biggs, who I think actually is a pretty safe bet to make the team, and Notre Dame freshman T.J. Tynan, who is tearing things up for Notre Dame this year. It's an uphill climb for Tynan since the US tends to shy away from high-scoring waterbug types for that tournament, but if he puts up 50 points at the NCAA-level this year, and starts out next year just as well, it's going to be tough to say no to that.