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NAHL/NAPHL Showcase: '94 and '95 Birthdates

We'll continue on with the Showcase reports for players born in 1994 and 1995.

As with the last post, the disclaimer applies that it's impossible for me to see everything, so some very good players probably got missed. I'm just trying to name a couple players I saw that impressed me. It's not a complete listing by any means.

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1994 Birthdates

Jacob Horton-F-Janesville Jets(NAHL)-Left Tartan HS, which looks like a great decision. He fit in very well with the NAHL style of play.

Zach Frye-D-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)-Skating a regular shift on a very good NAHL team as a '94 is impressive. Needs to work on some of the finer points of defensive positioning, but a decent skater with good potential.

Brock Kautz-G-Owantonna Express(NAHL)-Looked a little nervous in first NAHL start and let up some big rebounds, but when he settled down and could just react to plays, his talent was pretty evident.

Matt Pilot-D-Austin Bruins(NAHL)-I'm not sure if leaving high school early was the best decision for him. Still lots of potential though.

Jordan Boucher-Gould-F-Omaha AAA U16-Kid from Quebec was the U16s leading scorer.

Paige Skoog-MEPDL Gold U16-Forest Lake goalie may be one of the best goalies in Minnesota.

Justin Woods-D-California Titans U18-Big defenseman that was drawing scouts to his games just to see him take one-timers on the power play. Wicked shot.

TJ Roche-D-North Jersey Avalanche U16-Very effective top pairing defender.

Max Zebro-D-Waterloo Jr.Blackhawks U16-Very solid defenseman.

Joseph Bender-F-Pittsburgh Viper Stars U16-Not big, but very aggressive and can move the puck really well in the offensive zone.

Myles McGurty-D-North Jersey Avalanche U16-Big defender that played a lot of minutes for a good North Jersey team.

Alec Vanko-D-Team Wisconsin U16-Top pairing D for TW. Grown quite a bit in the past year, and is an impressive player.

Corey Schafer-F-Pittsburgh Viper Stars U16-Hard-working forward with good offensive skills.

Matthew Fosdick-D-Team Wisconsin U16-Big defenseman that uses his size well.

Jake Pilewicz-D-Pittsburgh Viper Stars U16-Good size and a good skater. Does everything pretty well.

Joe Llaurado-F-Team Wisconsin U16-Speedy forward with good size.

Trevor Meador-F-MEPDL Gold U16-Holy Angels forward looked good here.

Strom Wahlrab-D-California Titans U16-Played solid defense.

Dan Fitzgerald-D-St. Louis Selects U18-A little rough around the edges, but good size and skating.

Justin Allard-F-Motor City Metal Jackets U16-Power forward that put up a couple points on the weekend.

Nick Rizzo-D-OZ Fitness U16-Punishing physical defensive defenseman.

Gordon Dickson-F- San Jose Jr. Sharks U16-Small forward that was one of SJ's biggest offensive threats.

Henry Yawit-Alaska All Stars U16-Very fast

1995 Birthdates

Tyler Moy-F-California Titans U16-Great offensive skills, and not all that big, but a good frame and showed a willingness to make plays in dirty areas.

Devin Williams-G-Motor City Metal Jackets U16-Very athletic young goalie. Received interest from Michigan State.

Alex Wilkinson-D-Carolina Jr. Hurricanes U16-Very fast, offensive-minded defenseman.

Luke Voltin-MEPDL Gold U16-Still one of the biggest kids in his age group. Good hands for his size.

JB Baker-F-DC Capitals U18-One of the youngest U18s. Needs to fill out, but great puck skills one-on-one.

Alec McCrea-D-California Titans U16-Good size for a young defenseman and a good skater.

Charlie Pelnik-D-Carolina Jr.Hurricanes U16-Big defenseman that was one of the top D on a good Carolina team.

Keegan Ford-D-Team Wisconsin U16- '96 birthdate. Played on TW's top pairing. Good skater, and pretty strong for his age.

Trent Johnson-D-Motor City Metal Jackets U16-Small puck-moving defenseman.

Nash Worden-D-Pikes Peak Miners U16-Big defensive defenseman

Miles Liberati-D-Pittsburgh Viper Stars U16-Quietly solid defender that made a lot of plays.

Mason Boh-F-Pikes Peak Miners U16- Young '95 that showed some nice offensive skills.

Thatcher Demko-G-California Titans U16-Lots of really nice saves in the game I saw.

Vance Siebert-F-Pikes Peak Miners U16-Small, but quick offensive player.