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NAHL/NAPHL Showcase Report: '92 and '93 Birthdates

We'll continue on with the Showcase reports for players born in 1992 and 1993.

As with the last post, the disclaimer applies that it's impossible for me to see everything, so some very good players probably got missed. I'm just trying to name a couple players I saw that impressed me. It's not a complete listing by any means.

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1992 Brithdates

Andrew Pitts-D-Coulee Region Chill(NAHL)-Criminally underrated in high school because he played for a terrible North Metro team, but a great skater and made a lot of quietly smart plays.

Casey Purpur-F-Alexandria Blizzard(NAHL)-Still a small, skinny kid, but a very smart player that always makes things happen.

Elliot Grauer-F-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)-Speedy player that made a couple impressive plays.

Chase Van Allan-D-Alaska Avalanche(NAHL)-Strong defenseman that played pretty well.

Michael Szmatula-F-Traverse City North Stars(NAHL)-One of the many players that made the jump from NAPHL last year to NAHL this year, and he looked pretty solid.

Eric Garavaglia-G-Wichita Falls Wildcats(NAHL)-All three of Wichita Falls' goalies played pretty well. Garavaglia put up a shutout in the game I watched.

Tyler Minx-D-Texas Tornado U18-One of the older players in the U18s, but a very mature, puck-moving defenseman.

1993 Birthdates

Jon Rathgen-D-Austin Bruins(NAHL)-Played pretty solid defense despite being on a pretty weak team. With another year to fill out, he should be a nice prospect.

Jared Linnell-F-Fairbanks Ice Dogs(NAHL)(Alaska commit)-Continues to develop quite nicely. Probably the NAHL's best hope for a draft pick, though he's probably a little small to get selected. Good hands and speed though. Had one of the nicest assists of the tournament.

Nick Hinz-D-Fairbanks Ice Dogs(NAHL)-Left North St. Paul HS a year early to play in NAHL. Played a pretty regular shift, and looked good. Very athletic.

Brandon Reinholz-F-Minnesota Blades U18-Hard-nosed forward that made plays all over the ice.

Evan Hesse-F-Alaska Avalanche(NAHL)-Left Monticello HS in MN to play in NAHL, and it looks like a pretty good choice. I wasn't familiar with him before seeing him this weekend and he fit in quite well in the NAHL. Strong, and a quick skater.

Jimmy Peplinski-F-New Mexico Mustangs(NAHL)-Big, young forward that should play a nice role in New Mexico this season.

John Follmer-D-St. Louis Selects U18-Watched by a couple NHL teams because he's a legit 6'6" 220 lbs. Definitely a project.

Skyler Spiller-D-Texas Tornado U18-Big defenseman that played all situations for Texas.

Sean Flynn-D-Carolina Jr. Hurricanes U18-Very smooth skating defenseman.

Josh Bretner-D-DC Capitals U18-Good puck-moving defenseman that isn't afraid to shoot the puck on the powerplay.

Josh Rae-F-DC Capitals U18-Good skater and a tough, physical power forward with some offensive abilities.

Zachary Allen-D-Texas Tornado U18-All-around defenseman that did everything pretty well.

Alex Klintare-F-California Titans U18-Very strong forward that can create match-up problems down low with his size.