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NAHL Showcase Report: '90 and '91 Birthdates

With so many players of different age groups playing in the NAHL Showcase last weekend, the easiest way to separate things out is by sorting players based on birth year. We'll start things off with the players born in 1990 and 1991, which will be all players playing in the NAHL.

The standard disclaimer still applies that I can't see everything, and probably missed a lot. Especially now that there are 26 NAHL teams and still only one of me. Add in my desire for things like food and sleep, and the fact that I was trying to watch another tournament happening at the same time with over 50 teams in it. As a result, there were even some entire teams this year that I didn't get to see, like Dawson Creek(Not that I ever cared much for James Van Der Beek anyway). I'm just trying to name a couple players I saw that impressed me. It's not a complete listing by any means.

With that said, my comments are after the jump.

1990 Birthdates

Nardo Nagtzaam-F-Alexandria Blizzard(NAHL)-Leading scorer in the league, and definitely the most impressive offensive player. Also,greatest name ever.

Marco Fiala-D-Owatonna Express(NAHL)-Solid defenseman that logged a crazy amount of ice time for Owatonna.

Chris Rumble-D-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)-Veteran presence that was solid all weekend.

Rock Einersen-F-Texas Tornado(NAHL)-Pit bull of a forward with a wicked shot. Would be the league's leading scorer if he hadn't dented the crossbar a couple times.

Jack Callahan-D-Springfield Jr. Blues(NAHL)(Quinnipiac commit)-Very solid, smart defender.

Travis White-D-Traverse City North Stars(NAHL)-Seems like he's been in the NAHL forever. One of the best puck-moving defensemen in the league.

Michael Hill-F-Topeka Roadrunners(NAHL)-Created a lot of offense for Topeka.

Eric Soderlund-D-New Mexico Mustangs(NAHL)-Looked even bigger than the 6'4" he was listed at, and looked decent on New Mexico's power play.

Tyler Briola-D-Alaska Avalanche(NAHL)-Very mature, experienced D. Should be a D-1 player somewhere next year.

Mike Monfredo-D-Motor City Metal Jackets(NAHL)-Big, responsible defenseman. Played very well.

Trevor Campbell-D-Traverse City North Stars(NAHL)-Strong defenseman that looked very impressive.

Nathan Sliwinski-F-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)-Small speedy forward that's really standing out as an overager.

Steven Hoshaw-D-Wichita Falls Wildcats(NAHL)-Big defensive defenseman. Played pretty well here.

Keegan Asmundson-G-Austin Bruins(NAHL)-Big and athletic, though it's going to be tough to put up good numbers in Austin.

1991 Birthdates

Paul Moberg-G-Coulee Region Chill(NAHL)-He's improved a lot after a year of junior hockey, and should be an exceptional goalie this year.

Jack Prince-F-Texas Tornado(NAHL)-Big power forward that plays on Texas' top line.

Walker Hyland-D-Fresno Monsters(NAHL)-Smooth defenseman. Not flashy, but always makes smart plays.

Cody Wydo-F-Motor City Metal Jackets(NAHL)-High-energy sparkplug type player.

Ethan Naumann-F-Springfield Jr. Blues(NAHL)-Scored 33% of his team's goals so far this season.

David Rigatti-F-Texas Tornado(NAHL)-Third piece of Texas' excellent top line.

Tate Rusk-D-Coulee Region Chill(NAHL)-Big defensive defenseman that brings a much needed physical presence to his team.

Shane Halaas-F-Port Huron Fighting Falcons(NAHL)-Big power forward that scored a couple goals.