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NAHL Showcase Placeholder

The 2010 NAHL Showcase and NAPHL Prospects Tournament wrapped up yesterday afternoon, and once again, it was another great success for the two leagues. Thousands of fans got a taste of Minnesota that they'll take home with them in their hearts forever. And by that, of course, I'm referring to the cheese curds sold at the rink's concession stand.

Anyway, it's always a fun tournament watch. Eight simultaneous can be difficult to keep track of, but it's incredibly fun for a person with my very short attention span. Unfortunately, this post is really more of a placeholder for now. After roughly 30 hours spent at the rink, I've got hundreds of notes to sort through, and my first cold of the season. I guess that's what I get for taking the Kleenex boxes off my feet and venturing outside my home. So if you're one of the people searching for info on what went down this past weekend, this is definitely the right place, but check back on Tuesday or Wednesday this week for more detailed notes.