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Penn State Announcement Imminent

Inside College Hockey was the first to report yesterday that Penn State will formally announce their intention to start a hockey program, possibly as early as this Friday.

I already covered this issue over the summer, so it's probably not worth rehashing until we get some new information of what the future holds.

Other people are writing about it though. USCHO columnist Dave Starman thinks Penn State would be good, if they wanted to join the CCHA, but bad if it meant the creation of a Big Ten conference. Also, his proposed WCHA-CCHA alliance seems pretty wacky. The solution to whatever financial troubles those smaller schools will face won't be solved by increasing travel expenses exponentially. College Hockey News thinks a Big Ten Conference is inevitable, though not necessarily a disaster.

The reaction from the Penn State side of things has been general excitement, and why wouldn't it be? Before even being announced, their hockey program has already succeeded where their treasured football program has failed in defeating a school from Alabama.