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Eddy, Leitner Academically Ineligible

On the surface these stories are almost exactly similar: a state school in Minnesota loses a high-scoring forward from California due to academic problems. The only difference is what the ending will look like for each.

St. Cloud radio station KVSC--your sound alternative--has reported last week that St.Cloud sophomore forward David Eddy would be academically ineligible for the first semester of the season. Eddy had an impressive 12 goals and 11 assists in his freshman campaign, but St. Cloud returns one of the deeper groups of forwards in the WCHA, and should be able to absorb.

Meanwhile, I mentioned about a month ago that Matt Leitner's name on Minnesota State's roster was a positive step, towards his ongoing eligibility issues. That meant it was very bad news when his name disappeared from said roster last week. Shane Frederick confirms that Leitner is academically ineligible for this season, but will stay enrolled in school and hopefully begin playing next season. Leitner, whose 1.22 points per game last season in the USHL put him among the best in the USHL, was one of the most likely candidates to help carry an offense that lost 53% of the goal scoring output from last year's offensively-challenged team. It's a pretty devastating blow to a team with marginal hopes of success to begin with. On the plus side, this frees me of the burden of hours upon hours of driving this year. I may take up scrimshaw as a hobby.