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Notre Dame Players Arrested

A Notre Dame campus party was broken up late Friday/early Saturday. Normally this wouldn't be news, but among the people cited for underage drinking were a few Notre Dame football players, which immediately made this Big News, and made it the fault of the St. Joseph County police for being so overzealous as to respond to a call about fistfights taking place outside a local house.(What could possibly go wrong there?)

Also among those arrested were eight incoming freshman hockey players, and senior defenseman Joe Lavin, whose name was on the lease of the house that got busted, making him responsible for all of the underage drinking at the party.

By itself, this is all pretty much no big deal. But this is now the second embarrassing off-ice incident for Notre Dame this summer, after head coach Jeff Jackson stressed big changes would be made as a result of an extremely disappointing season with strong rumors discipline and attitude problems from the players.