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Cole Leaves UAH for NTDP

More of last week's news this week, in case anybody missed it.

Alabama-Huntsville head coach Danton Cole left UAH for a head coaching position at the NTDP. That's a pretty devastating blow for the Charger program that is trying to cobble together a future as an independent school without a league to play in. Despite the tough situation in Huntsville, having Cole, a well-respected, up-and-coming coach was one of the big positives for the program.

It will be interesting to see who the candidates are to replace the position. It's still a Division 1 coaching job, something that can be pretty hard to come by, but you have to wonder if people will look at that job as a no-win situation as long as UAH is without a conference. Of course, if UAH was able to be admitted into the CCHA, it becomes a pretty attractive job with a nice fanbase, and the ability to draw in players that want to play in a major conference.

As for Cole, USA Hockey gets a great coach, and makes an already strong program that much stronger.