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The Draft Docket

It's been a fairly quiet week here from me, thanks to being out of the office on Tuesday and getting Isner-ed most of yesterday, which probably isn't good, since the NHL Draft starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Saturday may be fairly low-key here. Most of the heavy lifting has already been done with this year's NHL Draft Prospect database, which is now at an incredible 118 profiles of 74 different players, give or take a couple last minute additions. Hopefully people remember to check some of those out when their favorite team makes a selection.

My main focus during the draft will be my annual Draft Along with the Pros. You can view last year's version here. The basic idea is that I make picks for three fictional teams at the first, 15th, and 30th slot of each round in real time at the draft. It's always interesting to see the results, and should be even more interesting a few years down the road once these players develop. Looking over my list, I've got a pretty good feeling what my first couple of picks will look like, but who knows what craziness will unfold.

Most of my updating during the actual draft will take place on Twitter. You can follow at @ChrisDilks Then starting Monday, we'll start sifting through the carnage of the draft on the blog. This is always the most interesting weekend of the year. I'm excited to see what happens.