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So It's Come to This: Twitter

I held out on joining up with Twitter for a long time, since I wasn't a huge fan of the format. I mean, really, can you accurately describe just how awful the finale to FlashForward was in 130 characters? But alas, my shame at being one of the last people in the universe not using Twitter finally won at. Sorry, Kanye West. It looks like you're the last holdout.

So now if you're interested, you can follow me at @ChrisDilks. We'll see how it goes. I intended to start quietly while I figured out what the hell I was doing, but a couple people have already started following, so I'll just wing it. It's easy enough to link all my posts from here to Twitter, so I'll be doing that(including this post, which is talking about my Twitter, which I think could cause my computer to explode). It's also a good way for me to pass along smaller bits of news that may not merit a full post or a mention on a Linkorama. Hopefully it ends up being useful, especially with the NHL Draft coming up.