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Pitlick Prognosis Negative

The NHL Draft Combine is going on this week, which means all the top draft prospects are going through a pretty rigorous set of interviews with NHL teams. It's especially daunting for NCAA kids, since they have a more limited time frame to do everything due to NCAA rules. (Update: Or not. Apparently the NCAA loosened those restrictions. Any guesses why? Because the NFL decided they needed more than 48 hours for their Combine.)

Anyway, I just heard from someone involved in the interview process that interviewed Tyler Pitlick today, and he confirmed that Pitlick will be playing for the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL next season, rather than returning to Minnesota State for his sophomore season. It's a pretty crushing loss for Minnesota State, although not necessarily one that was unexpected.

Also, for what it is worth, I asked about Riley Sheahan and his recent arrest, and the person I talked to said it wouldn't be a big deal for that particular team. When taking in the whole picture of Sheahan's past history, it seems like an isolated embarrassing incident. Regardless, it's not a guarantee that Sheahan will return to Notre Dame next year. It sounds like if the team that drafts him wants him to play in the OHL next season, Sheahan would be open to that possibility.