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The NAHL will hold their Entry Draft on Wednesday, starting at 1pm Central Time, and to my knowledge, they're one of the first leagues to post their draft results live via the league's Twitter. That seems like a pretty cool and convenient idea. The NAHL Draft is a little less exciting since teams are allowed to sign a handful of players to tenders prior to the draft, but it should be interesting to see what names come up tomorrow.

I haven't been posting about new recruits as much here, since I've been writing a weekly-ish Commitment Tracker post over at CollegeHockey247. You can read this week's installment here.

I post my fair share of negative stuff about the CHL, but I'll also point out that Yahoo! started a Canadian junior hockey blog, that should be excellent, if only because it's being run by two fantastic, way-more-talented-than-me writers in Neate Sager and fantasy hockey divisional rival Sunaya Sapurji. I think I've posted this before, but in the last couple years, there's only been maybe five sports columns that I found really interested and really made me think, and I think Neate has written three of them. Let's just hope the big-time gig doesn't force him to tone down the vitriol towards the Kingston Frontenacs organization.

Also, as a side note to my article talking about the CHL giving away their players names and likenesses and not giving them anything in return, I was shocked and appalled to learn how many people wake up on Monday morning wondering what Christian Bale did over the weekend. I'm in the wrong business.

Here's more on Ethan Prow going to St. Cloud State. It's funny because earlier this afternoon I was updating my listing of Minnesota high school players, and noticed the huge disparity in commits from the currently graduating senior class compared to next year's senior class. By my count, Prow is only the sixth player from that class to commit. But looking back, I was surprised by how many players from this year's senior class committed in the late summer/early fall, so we could see another surge in commitments like this in the next couple of months.

No Alibis No Regrets talked with Wisconsin recruit Morgan Zulinick, and he didn't do much to close the door on possibly signing with the WHL.

A bunch of stuff from Game 5 of the USHL Finals is going to the Hockey Hall of Fame. For as bad as the HHOF is at honoring early hockey history, they do a pretty excellent job with extremely recent hockey history, and have really improved on making the HHOF experience not just about the NHL, but other levels of hockey as well.