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USHL Futures Draft--Rinkside Radio

Just a reminder that SB Nation's Rink Side Radio live coverage of the USHL Futures Draft is about to get underway, if anyone is interested in listening along.

Update: The live show is done now. I don't know how it was for anyone who listened in, but the two-hour show flew by for me. There is a downloadable/podcastable/whatever it's called version of the show at the same link as above. It's worth listening, if only for the fabulous guests we had including: First overall pick Riley Barber, Green Bay head coach Jon Cooper, USHL commissioner Skip Prince, and Blackhawks TV analyst Eddie Olcyzk. In advance, yes, the show was hosted by a New Yorker who struggled with a lot of name/town pronunciations, but Joe did a pretty great job of keeping the show moving along, for which I'm grateful. I think there's some good stuff in there, so check it out.

I also comically over-estimated the amount of fill time needed on the show, so I've also got a ton of information from this draft, yesterday's expansion draft, and the expansion teams pre-draft tenders that I'll try to get up as soon as possible.

Update II: Checking back, I don't think I made too many factual errors with things flying by at 100 miles per hour, other than that I should point out that I was wrong about Sam Piazza being invited to the NTDP U17 team. He was at the tryout camp, but so far, isn't one of the defensemen signed.