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Cheverie Signs with Panthers

Denver goalie Marc Cheverie and the Florida Panthers finally reached an agreement on a contract, meaning Cheverie will forgo his final year of eligibility with the Denver Pioneers.

Goaltending has to be a bit of question mark for Denver heading into next season. There's a lot of talent there, but very little proven experience. Adam Murray was a highly-touted recruit, but struggled mightily early in the season while Cheverie was injured. Maybe the only positive out of Denver's brutal Final Five trip was Murray showing a flash of his potential in the their third-place game loss. The Pioneers will likely decide to bring in Alberta goalie Sam Brittain in as well. Brittain is supposed to have a lot of talent, as evidenced by his high standing for this summer's NHL draft, but he's still young and his numbers in junior hockey this year have been far from impressive. It may take him a while to mature and become a reliable goalie. They'll also have third-stringer Lars Paulgaard back, who I've always thought was pretty talented for a third-string guy, but he's played very sparingly over the last three years and probably isn't any sort of a long-term solution for the Pioneers.