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This is going to be a crazy week. The schedule is looking something like this: I'm leaving for the Frozen Four tomorrow afternoon so posting should be light. Wednesday, I'll try to get down for the practices/press conferences. That's also the day that the NHL releases their final Central Scouting rankings, which is a big deal, so I'll try to get something up about that. That evening, I'll get down to the Plymouth Whalers/Windsor Spitfires playoff game, meaning I'll get my own say in the "OMG Taylor vs. Tyler" debate. From there, obviously coverage of the Frozen Four takes precedence for the next three days. Hopefully I should have some good stuff up on that.

My preview story on Miami is up today. I couldn't work this into the article, because really, it stands on its own, but Rico Blasi said he dealt with the pain of last year's championship loss by buying suits. My story on BC goes up tomorrow-ish so look out for that. BC has been to 9 of the last 13 Frozen Fours. That's ridiculous.

The Florida Panthers are negotiating with Denver's Marc Cheverie, and everyone expects Cheverie to sign once the details get worked out.

The NHL loves the NTDP in the USHL.That alone is probably enough to make the move a success and make the NTDP stick in the USHL. A lot of people were labeling it a failure when the U17s struggled so badly at the beginning of the year, but in the end, I think it helped with their development. The big issue that is going to have to be dealt with is how it will work with the NTDP rostering kids that are already playing in the USHL.It hasn't been a huge issue yet, but I expect it to become more of an issue with the USHL expanding and more roster spots becoming available.

Hockey's Future interviewed Ohio State recruit Chris Crane. Crane is kind of the forgotten prospect off that great Honeybaked '91 team that had Cam Fowler, Chris Brown, Drew Shore, Kevin Lynch, Kenny Ryan, David Valek, and Brad Walch.