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All-WCHA ballots went out after this past weekend's games, and a few people are posting their ballots. Here are ballots from Bruce Ciskie, Shane Frederick, Brad Schlossman, Andy Baggott, and Roman Augustoviz, who for some reason omitted Blake Geoffrion from his ballot entirely. I'll post who I would have picked later in the week.

There's a new blog that is keeping track of Minnesota State's recruits. Good stuff.

Former Alaska Nanook Jeff Penner got called up to the NHL. Congratulations.

Yoni Brenner wrote the Shouts and Murmurs for this week's New Yorker, which is fantastic as always. Why mention it? One, that little magazine could use the publicity and this is totally the market for it, and two, after growing up being influenced by Brenner and Brian Cook writing at the Every Three Weekly, one would think I would be way better at this than I am. Super sorry.

The NHL can't decide on this head shot thing either. For what it's worth, I thought Matt Cooke's recent hit to the head was worse than Aaron Marvin's. Watching at full speed, Cooke's hit looked more avoidable. Marvin's suspension was still ridiculously excessive.

The Star-Tribune released their All-Metro Team and named Nick Bjugstad their Player of the Year. No argument from me on any of it.