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St. Cloud Finally Gets a Tournament Win

Here's my story on the game.

I'll admit to thinking after Northern Michigan tied up the game, and St. Cloud hit the post at the end of regulation, and missed about ten golden chances in overtime that it just was never going to happen for the Huskies. It's a testament that if you work hard enough, for long enough, and in certain players' cases, dive enough, good things will eventually happen.

Walt Kyle deserves major points for taking the high road on the overtime penalty calls. I thought the first was very legitimate, and had to be called, even after quite a bit was let go. My gut feeling on the second call is that Roe would have stayed on his feet if there wasn't the potential to draw a penalty. St. Cloud has to be in pretty rare territory with two overtime powerplay goals in this year's playoffs. But they've certainly put in their dues in the past, so perhaps they've earned a little good fortune.

Overall, this was one of the better games I've seen in a long time. From the time Northern Michigan tied the game in the third period, to the end was pretty close to the most exciting up-and-down hockey I've ever watched. Neither team went into any sort of defensive shell. They both laid it all out on the line, and it made for very entertaining hockey to watch.