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Clark Signs with Manitoba

Alaska-Anchorage senior Kevin Clark signed a tryout contract with the Manitoba Moose of the AHL. Clark had a pretty good senior season with the Seawolves, netting 23 goals.

Clark will be an interesting player to watch in the pros. Like Jordan Schroeder, he probably has the talent to make it pretty far in the pros, but it's a question of whether his head will let him get there. Unless he continues scoring goals at the same pace he did in Anchorage, I can't see a coach being as tolerant of all the penalties he takes. He was third in the WCHA in overall penalty minutes at 89 Clark didn't rack those up the easy way either. He only had one 10-minute misconduct on a check from behind, but did have 5 different unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

He'll also be in a league where guys have the option to drop the gloves with him, which might force him to check his temper a little more often. Guys that are 5'9" and get into fights every night don't tend to have the longest careers.

Meanwhile, on his way out, Clark gave this rousing endorsement of UAA:

"A lot of teams really didn't know me because you're playing in Alaska and they only see you on the road, and you're playing for a second-division team,''