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Who Is In and Who Is Out

Without delving too deep into the finer points of the stupid number system used to pick the tournament, this is what I'm coming up with for which teams among the western conferences are looking good to be in the tournament, and which teams are done for the year.

In the Tournament: Denver, Miami, Wisconsin, North Dakota, St. Cloud, Bemidji State

On the Bubble: Ferris State, Minnesota-Duluth, Northern Michigan, Alaska, Michigan

Thanks for Coming Out: Alaska-Anchorage, Colorado College, Michigan Tech, Minnesota, Minnesota State, Bowling Green, Lake Superior, Michigan State, Nebraska-Omaha, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Western Michigan

Michigan--along with a handful of eastern teams--only remains on the bubble in the sense that they can get an automatic bid by winning their conference tournament. Of the teams still with a shot at an at-large, Alaska is the only one not playing next weekend--along with Yale, out east. They'll spend the weekend hoping Cornell wins the ECAC tournament, Anybody But Michigan wins the CCHA, and they probably need some specific results to fall their way. I mentioned last week the farce of their comparison with Massachusetts. Currently, the Minutemen sit at 26th in the RPI, and thus aren't a factor. I have no idea if next weekend's results could be enough to push them back to 25th, but if so, that could be potentially damaging to Alaska's tournament hopes.