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Marvin Suspended Three Games

Aaron Marvin is the latest victim of commissioner Bruce McLeod's infamous spirit of the rules.

The WCHA announced today that St. Cloud's Aaron Marvin will be suspended for three games as a result of his hit to the head of Blake Geoffrion in a "recent"-their word, not mine--game. I have no idea why it took over a week to come to that decision. Maybe it took them that long to figure out how to use YouTube.

I was asked yesterday if I thought Marvin would still get a suspension, and I said probably not, because suspending him after waiting this long would look.....and then I couldn't figure out how to end that sentence during the week where we're spreading the word to end the word. It's amazing how anything can turn into a public relations fiasco when you're that lacking for direction and leadership.

Three games seems really excessive, since the third one will be a playoff game for St. Cloud. It would maybe be easier to understand if there were any sort of rhyme or reason to any of these punishments handed down, but there isn't. The timing of this leads me to believe that the WCHA was waiting to see if Blake Geoffrion was able to play last weekend before making a decision, and they added two games on to the suspension when he couldn't play. There's way too many other factors that go into the length of an injury from a concussion to use that as the sole determination for how bad a hit was.