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4-OT Win for the Gusties

While I was busy watching a team that can't make it through a 5-minute overtime without giving up a goal on Saturday night, a team 12 miles up the road was locked in an epic overtime battle.

In the Division III MIAC playoffs, Augsburg traveled down south to take on top-seeded Gustavus Adolphus College. The two teams combined to score 10 goals during the 60 minutes of regulation, but then neither team could score until GAC scored with 1:22 left in the fourth overtime to win 6-5. At 138:38, it was the longest D-III game of all time, and the second longest college game of all time.

The final shot totals are what is most remarkable. Gustavus outshot Augsburg 104-58. As you can see in the picture, they had to roll over the shots on goal counter for GAC.