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Hanowski Ties Game with .1 Seconds on Clock

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In case you missed it last night, here's the video of St. Cloud State's Ben Hanowski tying St. Cloud's game against Alaska-Anchorage at 4 with just .1 seconds left on the clock. I passed up the opportunity to go to his game, which apparently was a mistake.

The clock on the SCSU TV feed is synced up with the game clock, so that is accurate. You can't really see the puck with .1 left on the clock, but you can see the UAA player looking into his own net, to give you some indication that Hanowski just barely beat the clock. What's crazy is that it looks like he still has the puck on his stick with .3 on the clock. The tie helped keep St. Cloud in the fourth spot in the PWR, which would earn them the last number one seed in the NCAA tournament.