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College Hockey Moves to the Rivals Network

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As some of you may have noticed, there is a new college hockey site that is part of the network. Finally you people are getting your damn stars.

I've been asked on more than a couple of occasions why college hockey didn't have a site on guess technically McKeen's Hockey is there, but that barely counts--and my response was always, "because it'd be next to impossible to run". But I think this site could do it the right way.

The site is headed up by longtime hockey journo Bob Miller, and while it's still definitely in it's nascent stages, there's already a lot of good stuff up there. They're putting up a weekly line chart, and NCAA tournament projection, as well as the site's bread and butter, which are articles about committed or potential college hockey recruits. Most are behind the pay wall and require membership, though this about BCHL goalie Joel Rumpel is free.

I'll be chipping in as well on the recruiting side of things, which like I said, is far from completed, but should be pretty cool. There are plans in the works for a "Top 50/Top 100" type list, with the much beloved stars.

The other project I'm working on over there is setting up their recruit database. I know a lot of people expressed disappointment that I stopped updating the old recruiting boards,, but that type of thing isn't really conducive to a blog. Having a searchable database like Rivals has is much better software for that type of thing. Of course the big problem is what a gargantuan project that is. I've got a couple dozen names entered in, and by my calculation, there's probably about 1000 kids I could put in. Hopefully by this summer, after the Select Festivals, I'll have it completely stocked and it should be pretty cool.

All that doesn't change anything around here, of course. It will still be business as usual, with the added caveat of a few more contacts, and hopefully less screaming and crying to get passes to things like this year's Minnesota High School Tournament--because why would a college hockey blog want to cover the state high school tournament?--and this year's Frozen Four.