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This Week in Dangerous Hits

It's another week, and another two hits that are causing some discussion.

First up, St. Cloud's Aaron Marvin knocks out Wisconsin's Blake Geoffrion:

Next up, North Dakota's Corban Knight hits UMD's Mike Connolly:

Both hits left the recipient concussed--though in both cases, it sounds like both are expected to not miss any game time-- and neither drew so much as a two-minute penalty on the play.

Marvin's, at the very least, is a blown call because it's pretty obvious Marvin caught him in the head. It doesn't appear malicious, as Marvin is trying to throw a legal check. When you look at the super slo-mo replay, it maybe looks a little avoidable on Marvin's part, but at full speed, it happens so fast, that you can understand how he'd miss on his check.

I'm not even sure Knight's hit is worth a two-minute penalty. It's a tough camera angle, but I don't see much wrong with it. Maybe he hits him a little from behind as Connolly is trying to turn away, maybe he gets him a little high, though it appears the real damage comes when Connolly hits his head on the boards and maybe he leaves his feet, though I don't think his right skate ever comes off the ice. In any case, I've seen way more borderline hits go uncalled--many of them from Mike Connolly himself. It's a bad result, because you hate to mess around with concussions, but not every bad result comes from a terrible hit.