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WCHA Reprimands Motzko for WCHA's Ineptitude

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The WCHA, showing all the public relations deftness of the Confederation of African Football, released a public reprimand to St. Cloud head coach Bob Motzko for his actions at the end of Saturday's game between St. Cloud and Colorado College.

St. Cloud appeared to tie the game at 4 apiece with about 90 seconds left in the game during a scramble in front of the net, but officiating crew Don Adam and Brett Klosowski ruled the play dead and waved off the goal. Motzko went out onto the ice after the game to let the officiating crew know what he thought of their call.

I guess you can't blame Motzko for trying to get them to change the call. That was the same officiating crew that changed a penalty call from nothing to a five-minute major after a ten-minute discussion with the opposing team's bench two weeks ago during a 3-hour long debacle in Mankato--which in intself was a shrewd coaching move by Scott Sandelin, who surely remembered that Don Adam was the same official that once overturned a Bryan McGregor breakaway goal, after a lengthy discussion with the opposing team's bench, where Adam was informed he shouldn't count the goal and he decided to take their word for it. Of course, that decision only came after Adam changed his initial call on that play because of a lengthy discussion with the UMD bench.

You also can't blame Motzko for not trusting Adam and Klosowski's judgement when it comes to watching the puck, since that was the same crew(EDIT: Nevermind, just Adam worked that game) that couldn't figure out who illegally hit Chay Genoway in the head, while Genoway had the puck.

But yeah, if somebody else made these guys look bad, it could really hurt the integrity of the game.