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Hepp and Lamoureux Suspended

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Brad Schlossman is reporting that the WCHA is considering a suspension for North Dakota's Mario Lamoureux for his actions Saturday night, though North Dakota is appealing the suspension. Update: The WCHA announced one-game suspensions for Lamoureux and St. Cloud's Chris Hepp.

In the first period, Lamoureux tried to fight St. Cloud's Aaron Marvin, in retaliation for Marvin's hit to the head that knocked Chay Genoway out for the season. The fight was broken up by the linesman thanks to what is known as "The North Dakota" rule,stemming from a situation two years where a North Dakota player picked a fight and the officials received a public reprimand for allowing the players to drop their gloves and square off in a fight. The same thing came into play last year when North Dakota's Zach Jones tried to fight Tony Lucia.

It is interesting that the WCHA is trying to suspend Lamoureux after not suspending Jones last year. Lamoureux did pick up a second double-minor plus 10-minute misconduct later in the game, though it was a different teammate tagged with instigating that incident(for fans of symmetry, a North Dakota player took a shot at one of SCSU's top players from behind). Maybe it was the obvious pre-meditation of going after Marvin. Maybe the WCHA is finally starting to sense the pattern.

EDIT: The other difference is that the release mentions Lamoureux violating the WCHA Code of Conduct/Sportsmanship rules, which if you search for,returns about 200 hits mentioning Bob Motzko's reprimand last month and one for the World Conformation Horse Association code of conduct and ethics(First rule: "...act ethically" Gee, thanks). The new occurence of this term would lead me to believe there's finally been some sort of codification of Bruce McLeod's "spirit of the rules" that places fighting in the same category as every other penalty where attempting to is equivalent to doing.

This one is a little different in that most would agree the fight was justified. I have no problem with Lamoureux wanting to sort things out with Marvin, but justified or not, it's still something against the rules that you have to pay consequences for.

Hepp is probably lucky that he's only suspended for one game after jumping off the bench to get into this scrum.