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Leddy Traded; More Bad Press for the Gophers

Nick Leddy was supposed to be the Minnesota Wild's next hometown hero when they selected in the first round of last year's draft. but the Wild have already traded Leddy to the Chicago Blackhawks, along with Kim Johnsson for defenseman Cam Barker.

Maybe more importantly, the Star-Trib's Michael Russo throws this bombshell at the very end of his article:

: The Wild, I am also told, was very concerned about Leddy's development at the U.

More evidence that people aren't exactly thrilled with the way Don Lucia has been managing all his talent at Minnesota. It's also interesting to see Chicago pick up Leddy. The 'Hawks Director of Player Development is former UMD Bulldog Norm MacIver, who still lives in the Duluth area, and seems to be collecting a nice stable of WCHA talent. The Blackhawks took UMD defenseman Dylan Olsen in the first round last year and UMD forward Dan DeLisle in the third round. Leddy and Olsen definitely give Chicago a nice pair for the future. Neither has necessarily put up the biggest stats this year, but in terms of pro potential, they're probably at or near the top of the list.