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Changes Coming at Western Michigan?

Freelancer Rick Shanley--his personal blog is worth a read--wrote an interesting piece over at the Bronco Hockey Blog, saying that it looks like finally, Western Michigan will grant his wishes--and the wishes of what remaning fans there are in Kalamazoo--and fire Jim Culhane at the end of the season.

Culhane has one year left on his contract, but his buyout is rumored to only be $60,000 to $70,000, not exactly chump change for Western Michigan, but doable. Western has put together a few decent seasons under Culhane, but for the most part, they've really struggled. They're in 11th place this year, thanks in large part to the sensational play of Riley Gill, who has kept his team from getting really embarassed a couple times this year.

Western's program really hasn't been going anywhere for some time now, and a new face behind the bench--Shanley suggests UAH head coach Danton Cole--could bring some life back into the program. The Broncos aren't exactly a sleeping giant, but as a decent-sized MAC school, there's definitely potential to become part of the middle of the pack in the CCHA, and make the occasional run at the top of the league.