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Fairbanks Ice Dog Jared Larson will play for Minnesota. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Larson could have played a lot at some other places that were interested in him, and he's not likely to see much ice at Minnesota. Said Larson: "I see myself making an impact there, being an older guy that can maybe step in a little more quickly than some of the guys that are coming straight from high school," which is correct in theory, but when push comes to shove, I can't see Minnesota playing Larson and sitting a first round draft pick like Nick Bjugstad or Seth Ambroz in the stands. When those guys leave, there will be a new crop of first round draft picks that will get first priority for ice.

That said, finding guys to play that role for a Minnesota is pretty tough, and Larson sounds like someone who could play that role.

Livonia native Mike Voran is going to Notre Dame. He's had very good seasons at the NAHL level and now the USHL level this year.

Former Centennial Cougar Zach Tolkinen is going to Quinnipiac. I know Fairbanks plays a pretty wide open style with a lot of playmakers, but his offensive game seems to have improved tremendously since high school, based on some of the numbers he's putting up.

Former Hill-Murray Pioneer Ryan Furne is going to Michigan Tech. He chose the Huskies over the WCHA's other Huskies.

Finally, on the recruiting front, Rivals should be coming out with their first list of 2010 recruiting rankings fairly soon. I was one of a couple people that submitted a list this week, and the combined lists now in the process of being cross-checked by some coaches, which is the same process they use for football and basketball. They may have tipped their hand a little bit with this headline that Jaden Schwartz will be a five-star, which I'm sure is a huge surprise to everyone.