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Budish Injured in Moped Accident

Minnesota sophomore forward Zach Budish suffered a knee injury while riding a moped that could potentially end his season. I've often seen University of Minnesota football players riding around campus on mopeds, and always just assumed it was some sort of loophole in the Americans with Disabilities Act, but apparently the hockey players have them too.

Budish will have a decision to make on how to handle his injury. He could either try to rehab his knee injury, likely a torn ACL, and return to the lineup by around Christmastime, or opt for surgery, which would end his decision. Budish will decide by the end of the week. Minnesota head coach Don Lucia has advised Budish to get the surgery, which seems to be the right long-term solution. Missing the second half of a season would be difficult, but Budish, as a second round NHL draft pick, seems to have a bright future ahead of him in hockey, and there's not a lot of sense in risking that on an injured knee. If he missed the rest of the season, Budish could be given a redshirt to stay at Minnesota for a fifth season, though again, taking into account his future pro potential, a fifth year would likely be a moot point.