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Big Ten Looking at Notre Dame?

The St. Paul Pioneer Press put out an article today that quoted College Hockey Inc's Paul Kelly as saying the Big Ten has extended an invitation to Notre Dame to join a potential Big Ten Hockey Conference. Interesting. I'm listening...

But Kelly also says the Big Ten likely has no interest in adding satellite members for sports, meaning Notre Dame would have to join the Big Ten for all sports; something they have no interest in doing because they no longer field a football team. At least I think I'm remembering that correctly. Perhaps they should discuss loopholes with Minnesota. In any case, as interesting as the headline looked, it appears all the obstacles in place to keep Notre Dame out of the BTHC are still there.

But in related news, the Big Ten Hockey Conference has expressed interest in acquiring the Hope Diamond, provided, of course, that they don't have the pay the $2 billion to get it.