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College Hockey Inc, Pointstreak Combine for Live Scoreboard

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For those of you not following me on Twitter (@ChrisDilks, btw), hockey stat site Pointstreak sent out a press release this afternoon saying that they had reached a long-term agreement with College Hockey Inc. to create a live college hockey scoreboard.

From the release:

Under the terms of the agreement Pointstreak will provide its industry leading real-time scoring and statistics platform as well as the newly launched Pointstreak Live Publisher which combines Pointstreak's real-time scoring software with recently acquired STEVA Sports Software's technologies. This partnership and merging of technologies will now provide College Hockey Inc. with the capability to automatically capture real-time scores and video highlights while simultaneously indexing the highlight to the relevant statistical event (e.g. goal).This content will then be automatically uploaded to and delivered to mobile devices within moments of the event taking place.

Quite frankly, that sounds incredible. One of the goals that Paul Kelly mentioned last year, was creating a single place where college hockey fans could get real-time scores from games around the country, and this looks like it could go even a step beyond.

They also sent out a sample screenshot of what it would look like, which you can view here.

There was no time frame mentioned on when this would begin, but the release does say "Fans and media should be aware that not all games will be available through this platform until January, 2011."