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INCH had an interesting piece on potential newsmakers in 2010. It's a good read.

FSN had to cut almost all of its high school hockey schedule due to cost concerns. It's a shame because it was a wonderful idea, but too expensive to put together in relation to the audience they were drawing.

BU recruit Sahir Gill left the Chicago Steel, and the Steel now appear to be negotiating a transfer with his former team, the Vernon Vipers of the BCHL. The good news is that it sounds unlikely that Gill would end up in the WHL.

The NAHL released the rosters for their Top Prospects tournament.

Michigan has a new athletic director: former Domino's CEO Dave Brandon. That has some potential impact on any future talk about a Big Ten Hockey Conference. Also, this guy thought I was going to go to a pizza place to buy a sandwich? What's up with that?

I missed this over the holidays, but lawn-mower-throwing/drunk drivering Matt Frattin is back with North Dakota. Back in August, the plan was to review Frattin's situation prior to the start of next year, but I guess a couple December losses helped change Dave Hakstol's mind. For the record: UND's official stance is that their win-loss record had no bearing on the decision to bring Frattin back months earlier than Dave Hakstol originally specified.