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Weekend Recap

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What Was Good...

Denver-I postulated before the year that their four games with North Dakota could be the difference in the WCHA title race this year. Denver swept all four games, putting them in first place by a point, while North Dakota has a lot of work to do just to climb back into contention for home ice in the playoffs. If they had split the season series, North Dakota would trail Denver by only a single point in the standings.

Miami-Ran into a hot goalie, but still managed to take care of business against a weak opponent. I don't care to do the math, but if Miami hasn't mathematically clinched the CCHA title, they're pretty close.

Northern Michigan-They've succeeded in the first part of their annual plan by playing themselves out of any sort of NCAA at-large contention. With a win and a tie against Alaska last weekend, they could be on to phase two of the plan where they catch fire at the end of the year and ruin somebody's season.

What Was Bad...

Minnesota State- if anybody was going to snap Michigan Tech's epic losing streak, I suppose they were the most likely candidate.

North Dakota-Lest anyone ever accuse me of bias against the Sioux again, I'll point out that I actually picked this team to win the WCHA this year, which is the most anyone has ever overrated anything ever--excluding Notre Dame football.

Alaska-Just one win so far in 2010.

Minnesota-Anchorage Rope-a-Dope victim number 5 this season. This weekend was the sixth WCHA series--they clipped CC twice-- this year that Anchorage lost on Friday night and came back to win on Saturday.

Ferris State-They probably could have used more than just a tie against Ohio State.

Wisconsin-No one is going to complain too loudly after winning a game at the DECC in Duluth, but that was the fourth conference series where Wisconsin won the first night, and then couldn't get anything out of the second night. In a tight race, some of those points they left on the table might come back to haunt them.