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US Upsets Sweden at World Juniors

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Sticking with the bullets...

-I said that the Swedes were chokers and they lived up to their reputation. That go-ahead goal in the third period was a very soft one.

-Shortly before the third goal from the US, a Swedish player looked like he got tripped in front of his own bench, and the Swedes wanted a call made, but the replays showed it was a pretty horrendous dive. Very nice no-call by the officials.

-I'm glad I was 100% wrong about Mike Lee starting this game. He was fantastic, and hopefully he can put together one more gem of a performance in the final.

-Between the U18 championships last year and this year's tournament, you can't say enough about what Jerry D'Amigo has done for USA Hockey.

-The extra day off should be huge for the US. Kristo, Stepan, D'Amigo, Schroeder, Carlson, and Fowler should be skating as much as possible against Canada.

-I've been skeptical about this group's chances all tournament, and I'm still skeptical of beating the Canadians in their own rink, but it's one game, and who knows what could happen. In any case, it's nice to finally see the US do better than expected in this tournament, rather than falling short of expectations like they've done for the past number of years.