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World Junior Quarterfinal Thoughts

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I'm sticking with the bullet format...

-It's nice to see Jordan Schroeder playing like Jordan Schroeder again. We haven't seen him setting up teammates with beautiful passes like that much at Minnesota this year, but after watching last night, you have to wonder if that is his fault, or the guys that should be receiving those passes.

-Mike Lee made a ton of saves, but he left a lot of rebounds out there. I'll agree with the TSN guys that Jack Campbell should get the start against the Swedes. If the US wins, I'd go with Campbell against Canada, and if they lose, Lee against the Swiss. Update: It sounds like Mike Lee will get the start in goal against Sweden tonight.

-Switzerland's upset over Russia was huge for the US. I like the odds of beating either Sweden or Switzerland for a medal much better than either Sweden or Russia. I guess all the youth and missing key players caught up with the Russians.

-With regards to the 2010 Draft, I'm sticking with my theory that Mikael Granlund is a kid that will put up lots of points, but disappear in big situations. It's always tough watching on TV, but I didn't notice a lot of him last night. That's why I've always had him ranked a little lower than most when it comes to draft rankings.

-I was worried about another Canada hangover for the US, but they came out and built an early lead against the Finns which was huge. It helps that Joni Ortio is a big, positional goalie, and not the type of guy that will be making crazy athletic saves to take away goals. That was exactly the type of game the US needed though. Even at 3-1 and 4-2, you never felt like they were in any sort of danger.

-After watching them last night, I look pretty smart for picking Sami Vatanen and Jerry D'Amigo during last year's draft. Kind of makes up for that Patrick Cehlin or Lee Moffie selection.

-Chris Kreider has been huge in this tournament. How does he only have five points for BC? The TSN announcers were touting the Kreider-Jenks-Morin line as a possible match-up against Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson and the top Swedish line, and I was starting to buy into that until the second Finnish goal. There's still only one line I have a great amount of confidence in for the US.

-The Swedes are chokers on the international stage. Let's hope they gack one up here.