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Fairbanks Ice Dogs goalie Mike Taffe committed to Nebraska-Omaha. Taffe played his high school hockey at Providence Academy in Minnesota, so he really flew under the radar, but has posted excellent stats on a very good Ice Dogs team. The Mavericks recently lost out to Denver for Alberta goalie Sam Brittain. Taffe may not be at Brittain's level, but he provides some solid insurance behind Jon Faulkner until UNO can find the right big name goalie.

BCHL forward Alex Pettitt committed to Alaska-Anchorage. He's scored a lot this year, but he's also an older player in that league.

Shattuck forward J-P LaFontaine, nephew of NHL great Pat LaFontaine, committed to Minnesota State. This is significant on a number of levels. First, I checked the school directory and there are no other Jean-Pauls enrolled at the school. In fact, I'm willing to be he's the first ever Jean-Paul( or Gene-Paul as I once heard it pronounced at a Minnesota ice rink) to go to Minnesota State Mankato. Second, after JP Burkemper's commitment two weeks ago, the Mavericks now lead the world in recruits named 'JP'. Take what you can get, I guess.

BCHL defenseman Shayne Taker committed to play at Notre Dame. Taker had committed to play at Sacred Heart, but reconsidered when he started drawing interest from bigger schools.