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North Dakota's Commit List Gets Smaller

Former North Dakota recruit Mike Fink re-opened his recruitment after being told that he'd have to play another year of juniors next year before going to North Dakota(and likely playing sparingly if at all once he got there). He'll be looking for somewhere he can step in and play right away next year, which likely means going outside of the WCHA.

Also, I'll admit to not knowing exactly what was going on with former UND recruit Matt White, so maybe this is old news. Before the year started, White decided to go back home to Pittsburgh and considered giving up hockey altogether rather than playing with the Lincoln Stars. I guess he refound his love for the game of hockey, because Chris Heisenberg lists him as committing to Vermont for either next year or the following year. It's an interesting twist because if he had stayed in Lincoln, White likely would have been in a position to get drafted in the NHL Draft this summer, but fell off the map when he left for home. If he's back to being serious about hockey again, the NHL might take another look at him.