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Hockey's Future put together a long feature piece on Notre Dame's Riley Sheahan.

North Dakota's Chay Genoway is still injured, and hasn't shown much sign of improvement lately.

This guy thinks David Backes is an American hero-which duh-- for beating up some Canadian fools.

Mike Chambers thinks Denver might be a little soft and wouldn't want to face Alaska-Anchorage in the WCHA playoffs. I bet I could find eight other teams willing to take their place if such a match-up comes about in March.

The Pioneers will be a little less tough in their big weekend series against Wisconsin this weekend. Defensemen Jon Ryder and William Wrenn were given game disqualifications for coming off the bench to join a fight at the end of their game against Alaska-Anchorage. Seawolves Chris Crowell and Jared Tuton will also sit their next game for leaving the bench to join the fight. Apparently the officials for that game were in the replay truck until late in the evening trying to figure out the correct penalties.

Minnesota State's Kevin Murdock got to make a midnight trip up to Grand Forks last weekend, but didn't get to play because, well, actually I'm not sure there's a good reason why he hasn't played in over a month and a half.

Speaking of MSU, Maverick Mike Dorr will likely take the ice against Minnesota-Duluth for the first time this weekend. Dorr committed to Minnesota-Duluth nearly 4 years ago as a junior at Roseville High School, and eventually de-committed the following year. After stops in the USHL and the University of Minnesota, Dorr has 4 points through his first 7 games with the Mavericks.

On the SB Nation hockey page, there was an interesting article on changes that could come to the NHL in the coming decade. A lot of them are really good ideas--properly marketing the sport on TV, standardizing suspensions, making it about the game and not the sideshow--but probably not going to happen.