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CHN Players of the Decade

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College Hockey News put out an All-Decade Team of players who have had the best college careers in the past decade.

It's a pretty good list, and even if you come up with a couple names that could have been included, it's hard to imagine taking any of those guys off. If we're looking solely at resumes, I'd maybe consider taking Zach Parise off, since he didn't even lead his team in scoring in either of his two years--that honor went to Bucks Bochenski, who would have been a solid choice--but there's no doubting Parise is one of the most talented to come through college hockey in a long while.

Who are some other names that come to mind as guys that could belong on this list, or a potential third team list? Scott Parse, with his 197 career points immediately jumps to mind, as does Miami's Ryan Jones. Suggestions are welcome in the comments.