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Keep It Classy, SooToday

Normally I wouldn't care much about your standard OHL trade like the recent one that sent Sault Ste. Marie's Mike Fine back to his hometown of Kingston.

That is, until the editor's of the online newspaper chose this picture to accompany their story on the trade. Yikes. Thank goodness those real news outlets have principles. Though the article does come with this lovely disclaimer at the bottom:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Dave Torrie, general manager of Soo Greyhounds Hockey Club, advises that he objects to's selection of the image accompanying this article.

Dave Torrie and anybody else with half a brain. The backstory--which the article oddly avoids--is that Fine had been sent home by the Soo for some sort of disciplinary problem. I guess SooToday wanted to give us a 1000 words on what that mysterious violation might have been and take one gratuitous cheap shot on Fine's way out the door.

To top it all off, perhaps not coincidentally, today's poll question on the front page of SooToday asks whether underage drinking is a problem in Sault Ste. Marie, to which the majority of respondents have said it is a serious problem.