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CCHA Preseason Polls Released

The CCHA released their Coaches and Media polls today, and in a bit of a surprise, Michigan was picked first in both. I don't know, apparently that flukely goal that bounced off the back boards and sent the wheels off the wagon against Bemidji State last spring was enough to make people forget how Notre Dame kicked everyone's ass last year.

Here are what the polls looked like:


Rank School (First-Place Votes) Points
1 Michigan (5) 114
2 Notre Dame (4) 111
3 Miami (2) 104
4 Ohio State 90
5 Northern Michigan (1) 85
6 Nebraska-Omaha 63
7 Alaska 61
8 Ferris State 50
9 Michigan State 46
10 Lake Superior State 29
11 Western Michigan 28
12 Bowling Green 11


Rank School (First Place Votes) Points
1 Michigan (24) 731
2 Notre Dame (20) 712
3 Miami (20) 707
4 Ohio State (1) 547
5 Northern Michigan 502
6 Alaska 386
7 Nebraska-Omaha 377
8 Michigan State (1) 332
9 Ferris State 314
10 Western Michigan 256
11 Lake Superior 189
12 Bowling Green 95

I guess the poll pretty accurately reflects what a three-team race the CCHA will be this year. I'd love to know who thought the team that couldn't outscore American International(How can you be both???) last season is going to turn it around and win the league this year. I like to imagine they found a 10-year-old ballot just lying around the CCHA offices one day decided to throw it into this year's poll.

Anyway, the league seems to be broken down into tiers just year. The race for 1-3 should be fun to watch. 4-7 should be fun to watch. And the rest....well, it may not be fun to watch, but those last couple first home ice spots should at least be competitive.