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The WCHA finalized their future schedule. The big news is that the "rivalry pairs" stay the same, with UNO and BSU getting paired together. They're basically going with the CCHA's four-team cluster format for scheduling, which is pretty much how you have to do it with 12 teams.

INCH posted their Top 20 incoming forwards, Top 20 incoming defensemen, and Top 10 incoming goalies. Nothing too out of place there.

The Bronco Hockey Blog took a stab at mathematical rankings for the CCHA recruiting classes.

Minnesota State went through their school's ROTC leadership training program. Togetherness through shooting at each other, I suppose. The whole experience also helped them pick their captains.

Pretty pictures of Alaska's intra-squad scrimmage.

Gopher beat writer Roman Augustoviz wasn't the guy that picked Minnesota to win the WCHA.

Some people are trying to organize the Michigan student section. If nothing else, Western could probably use the bump in attendance if they start traveling to road games.

There were a lot of familiar names among the USHL Showcase leading scorers. The only uncommitted players among the top 16 scorers were Greg Wolfe, DJ Vanercook, Jayson Megna, and Stefan Demopoulos(and the enigmatic Russian Andrei Kuchin, though he played some KHL games last year which I believe makes him ineligible for college hockey, and also probably puts him under the thumb of the Russian mob). Vandercook is particularly intriguining to me since he was one of the catalysts for Wenatchee's great first season in the NAHL last year, and now looks like one of the key players that should help Des Moines be much better than they were last season.