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WCHA Media and Coaches Polls

The WCHA Preseason Coaches and Media polls were released today.

Normally, I'd say the Media poll is the less important of the two and shouldn't be taken as seriously, but they actually let me vote this year, so this should be taken as gospel. Here is the media poll:

1. Denver (23)

2. North Dakota(1)

3. Wisconsin

4. Minnesota (1)

5. St. Cloud

6. Minnesota-Duluth

7. Colorado College

8. Minnesota State

9. Alaska-Anchorage

10. Michigan Tech.

Yes, I was the one jackass that picked North Dakota over Denver. Thanks Guy Who Irrationally Picked Minnesota First for not making me look like a complete tool.

Individual honors went like this:

Player of the Year: Jordan Schroeder, so., F, Minnesota.

Rookie of the Year: Mike Lee, G, St. Cloud State.

All-WCHA first team: Forwards -- Jordan Schroeder, so., Minnesota; Ryan Lasch, sr., St. Cloud State; (tie) Justin Fontaine, jr., Minnesota-Duluth; Rhett Rakhshani, sr., Denver. Defensemen -- Patrick Wiercioch, so., Denver; Chay Genoway, sr., North Dakota. Goaltender: Marc Cheverie, jr., Denver.

I'm sure you'll see a lot of people post their individual ballots this week. I kept mine the same as from my previews. If you need a refresher, here's my take on the conference standings, and preseason awards.

Oh yeah, I guess the coaches voted on stuff too and they happen to know way more about hockey or whatever. Then again, Don Lucia once enthusiastically voted for Sarah Palin, so it's up debate as to how much he can trusted with a ballot. Here's the poll:

1. Denver (8) 80
2. UND (2) 70
3. Wisconsin 61
4. Minnesota 58
5. St. Cloud State 55
6. Minnesota-Duluth 37
7. MSU-Mankato 34
8. Colorado College 26
9. Alaska-Anchorage 20
10. Michigan Tech 9

POY: Ryan Lasch, SCSU (3); Jordan Schroeder, Minnesota (3); Chay Genoway, UND (2); Rhett Rakhshani, Denver (1); Patrick Wiercioch, Denver (1)

ROY: Mike Lee, SCSU (5); Nick Leddy, Minnesota (2); Dylan Olsen, Duluth (2); Matt Donovan, Denver (1)