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NAHL Showcase: '95 Birthdates

I avoided writing about the U14 division at last year's tournament since the kids are so young, but this year I figured what the hell. They were at the tournament, teams were there watching them, and most of these kids are eligible to be selected in the WHL Draft this spring anyway, so I might as well.

Standard disclaimer: It's a big tournament and I'm sure I missed a few very good players.Nothing personal if you think I've missed a certain player. I'm just pointing out a few players I noticed.

You can view the list of '95 born prospects after the jump.

Gabe Guertler-F-Florida Panthers Alliance(U16)-Didn't get to see him much, but I've heard some good things about him and he had a respectable 4 points in 5 games against much older competition.

Jordan Gross-D-Minnesota Blades(U14)-Smooth skating, poised defenseman. Top D on a really good team.

Vinni Lettieri, Daniel Labosky, T.J. Moore-F-Minnesota Blades(U14)-Top line for the Blades. All three are good skaters and are great at spreading the ice and passing the puck.

Nash Worden-D-Pikes Peak(U14)-An average skater, but big for his age and very poised with the puck. Doesn't make many mistakes.

Josh Casper-D-Chicago Young Americans(U14)-I didn't see CYA play much, though they looked like a really good team. Casper stood out in the little I watched though as a pretty physical player.

Jacob Gerson-F-Pikes Peak(U14)-Showed some decent skills.

Stetson Direcks-F-Team Arizona(U14)-Big for his age and works pretty hard.