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NAHL Showcase Report: '90 Birthdates

There's a very interesting mix of kids here. Some players are just starting to show up on the radar, while others a couple others have been on the radar for a while now, but are re-entering the recruiting world and trying to find a new place to play.

Standard disclaimer: It's a big tournament and I'm sure I missed a few very good players.Nothing personal if you think I've missed a certain player. I'm just pointing out a few players I noticed.

You can view the list of '90 birthdates after the jump.

Kyle Brodie-D-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)-Maybe the best defenseman of the weekend. Looked like he could play for just about any college team.

Duncan McKellar-F-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)(Bemidji commit)-Strong, tough kid to play against.

Cory Thorson-F-Owantonna Express(NAHL)-Big, strong player that has really found his niche in the NAHL. Should be one of the leading scorers in the league.

Jake Youso-F-Owantonna Express(NAHL)(Minnesota commit)-Kind of in the same position as John O'Neill, though he hasn't de-committed from Minnesota. His struggles kind of mystify me. He's still a great skater and can make things happen offensively. Maybe having a big year in the NAHL this year will help get his confidence back.

Bob Marx-D-Topeka Road Runners(NAHL)-Committed to Alaska during Doc DelCastillo's brief reign of terror, but it looks like he's uncommitted again. He's one of the best pure skaters in the league. Very smooth defenseman.

Brandon Burrell-D-Wenatchee Wild(NAHL)-Offensive defenseman with good size.

James Saintey-F-Fairbanks Ice Dogs(NAHL)-One of the most exciting players in the league. Really quick with great hands. Quarterbacks Fairbanks' powerplay. He should have very big year.

Travis White-D-Traverse City Stars(NAHL)-Smaller defenseman, but a very smart, talented player.

Beau Burgau-D-Janesville Jets(NAHL)-He skipped his senior season of high school to play in the NAHL last year, and it seems to have really helped him. He played just about every other shift for Janesville and looked pretty good.

Marian Fiala-D-Owantonna Express(NAHL)-Never impressed me much before, but it looks like he made a big jump forward in the past year and was one of the better defenseman in the league. Made the all-tournament team.

Curtis Heinz-D-Traverse City North Stars(NAHL)-Played really well and ended up +5 over the weekend.

Alex Jacobs-D-Texas Tornado(NAHL)-Got a lot of ice time for the Tornado.

Andrew Kolb-F-Marquette Rangers(NAHL)-Always buzzing around and making good things happen.

John O'Neill-F-North Iowa Outlaws(NAHL)-Recently dropped his commitment to Minnesota-Duluth and re-opened his recruitment. He's got all the skills but just hasn't figured out a way to put it all together and turn it into points on a consistent basis.

Mickey Knox-F-North Iowa Outlaws(NAHL)-Small playmaker that did a lot in North Iowa's offense.